Architectural integrity. Reliable system support.

Our field expertise and attention to detail make the difference.

Museums and cultural centers present a number of interesting challenges for the design of their MEP systems. Take the Exploratorium at Pier 15 in San Francisco, for example, where Cammisa + Wipf was involved in the renovations. Because it’s on a pier, we had to solve the puzzle of how to route the electrical without exposing it to the elements below the pier while still supporting all the equipment and maintaining architectural integrity. We achieved this through our laser-focused attention to detail in seamlessly integrating the electrical systems with the other building utilities. Our field expertise allows us to recognize potential problem areas and ensure adequate design to eliminate them before they become problems.

One of the many challenges of spaces such as aquariums and science centers is the expansive MEP systems required to support large numbers of water-based animals. Often the available space to house these systems is limited, requiring knowledge and creativity to design a solution that is both efficient and accessible. This is where our hands-on approach makes the difference. We go out to the field to investigate the site, assess existing systems, and review new/replacement equipment installation and maintenance requirements. We understand the equipment to be installed, how it functions, and how it impacts ongoing facility maintenance concerns.

Projects Include: