Alternative project delivery.
Advanced management strategies.

We are focused on contributing to project success.

Cammisa + Wipf is experienced in most project delivery methodologies including Design-Build, Design-Assist, Integrated Project Delivery, CM at Risk, Public-Private Partnership, and Turn-Key. Over the past decade there has been a trend away from the traditional competitive bid delivery method, Design-Bid-Build, to those that allow more collaboration between the design team, contractor, and owner. These new methodologies often result in reduced costs and better schedule management. The contractor provides key input early in the design process, such as construction costs associated with particular design approaches and the best way to sequence the work. Changes needed to align budget and schedule can be addressed during the design stage.

In addition to new project delivery methodologies, Cammisa + Wipf actively embraces advanced management strategies to streamline and improve the design and construction process, including BIM, Lean Design practices, pull scheduling, Last Planner, and program evaluations using a continually updated matrix of values. Prior to bid, we assist clients in objectively quantifying key qualification factors for project bidders, allowing our clients to use Best-Value procurement, which significantly contributes to project success.

“Cammisa + Wipf make good team members. They have integrity. If they say something they mean it.”

– Architect, Principal