Efficient. Accessible. Seamlessly Integrated.

We design mechanical systems you can rely on.

Mechanical systems for buildings – which provide heating, ventilation and air conditioning – need to be efficient, reliable, quiet, and accessible. They need to fit into the space allotted for them, and integrate with both the architecture and systems around them. Cammisa + Wipf has a collective 30 years of experience designing mechanical systems that meet these needs.

We design mechanical systems for both new construction and renovations. To ensure the best outcome for our clients, we start by conducting a thorough field investigation of the building infrastructure and existing systems, before deciding how to address programmatic requirements. This first-hand, visual assessment provides essential details that cannot be acquired by merely reviewing drawings. It helps avoid costly delays during construction that result from unforeseen conditions. Our clients know they can count on our institutional knowledge, investigative diligence, creativity, and mechanical expertise to provide them with systems that will serve their needs well into the future.

Our renovation designs document shutdowns, temporary connections, and intermediate testing and balancing to ensure that ongoing operations are not impacted by renovation work.

Our HVAC control systems emphasize simple strategies over complex (where appropriate), with fully defined failure modes, and continuous monitoring and alarms that enable Facilities personnel to operate systems efficiently and respond immediately to operational issues.

Mechanical projects include:

“With Cammisa + Wipf you never have to worry about quality of product, schedule, or deliverables. We hire them again and again.”

– Director of Plant Operations, Medical Center