Detailed, comprehensive designs.

Supporting today’s increased power demands with an eye to the future.

Cammisa + Wipf has been providing excellent electrical engineering services to clients in a variety of industries for more than 50 years. We design electrical systems that are reliable, efficient, serviceable and that meet the client’s needs today and into the future. This requires high-quality, reliable equipment that is sized with the appropriate capacity, both electrical and physical.

We offer electrical design services for both new construction and renovation work. Our approach for new construction design includes early, close coordination with the Owner, Architect, and Utility to ensure the appropriately sized electrical service and spaces. Advancing the electrical design quicker and further at this early stage eliminates the need for spatial revisions down the road. Renovation work requires additional levels of service in which we excel. We believe in a thorough site investigation process for our renovation work, including an exhaustive survey of the project area and the related upstream infrastructure. This research allows us to anticipate and resolve potential problems that could arise during construction, and also to identify infrastructure issues for the Owner where appropriate. Renovation work often requires innovative design solutions to real world challenges, including physical space constraints, 24/7 occupied buildings, and rapidly-changing technologies.

Our deep understanding of electrical engineering and system design is augmented by our knowledge of installation needs and requirements. We design with the end in mind. The result is electrical plans that are both biddable and constructable. We have built our reputation on providing clients with detailed, comprehensive designs that meet their immediate needs while providing flexibility for the future.

Electrical projects include:

Cammisa + Wipf looks at multiple options to address project concerns. They back their work with solid engineering principles.”

– Facilities Engineer, Healthcare