From infrastructure strategy to systems validation.

We provide unparalleled insight and service.


Building Systems Commissioning is a structured process focused on ensuring that all building systems – mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection – are designed, installed and calibrated to operate as intended. Cammisa + Wipf plays a key role in the commissioning process by providing exceptionally detailed documentation covering all aspects of each system component – how it is supposed to function, the ways it can be controlled, what happens when it fails. This level of detail facilitates system testing and validation, and accelerates the entire commissioning process.

Fire protection

Cammisa + Wipf designs fire protection systems for all building types. We define performance criteria, taking into account occupancy type, water source, water pressure required, and whether there is enough water supply to serve the building. We also consider the architect’s vision for the space to ensure that we deliver a solution that balances code requirements and standard practice with aesthetics.

Cammisa + Wipf designs fire pump systems for buildings with inadequate water pressure, standpipe systems, pre-action fire sprinkler systems for spaces that could be damaged by leaking pipes, and clean agent fire suppression systems for large electronic equipment rooms, kitchen grease hoods, and other special applications.

Infrastructure Strategy

Helping clients make good decisions about their infrastructure systems is at the heart of our business. We have many clients who have trusted us with these decisions for more than 40 years. Our deep expertise in the vast number of systems it takes to operate a large, multi-building campus, combined with our extensive principal-level experience in all types of facilities, has given us unparalleled insight into building infrastructure requirements and strategies.