Enabling developments in Science and Technology.

We design with the user in mind.

Designing systems for science and technology projects including labs and vivariums presents some unique challenges. Each of the many types of equipment used in these facilities has different requirements, and each of the users – researchers, lab assistants, instructors – has varying needs for their work. For example, light levels may need to vary for different users within a given space. Noise levels have to be considered where there are research animals that might be affected. And flexibility has to be inherent in the design to allow for the continuing advancement of equipment and technology.

The hands-on, detailed approach that Cammisa + Wipf takes in all our work is especially important for these biotech facilities. Each lab is different. As part of our design process we meet directly with the users to fully understand their needs. We also ‘lift the lid’ on each piece of equipment so we understand how it works, what it needs and how it will integrate with other equipment. This attention to detail not only saves time and money down the road, it ensures that the users have an effective, productive environment for their work.

Projects Include

“Cammisa + Wipf is intellectually curious; always thinking, ‘What is the best way to solve this problem?’ They are not afraid of complicated work.”

– Assistant Director, University