Critical systems you can count on.

We help our clients sleep at night.

Healthcare facilities, businesses and schools rely on their low voltage systems – healthcare technology, information technology, and life safety systems – to serve and protect their patients, customers and students. In some cases, these systems can mean the difference between life and death: a fire alarm that alerts building occupants in time; a code blue system that saves patients’ lives. Cammisa + Wipf is dedicated to designing low voltage systems that work as expected and when required – every time – so our clients can sleep at night.

The number of varied systems used within a given facility has increased significantly. A hospital, for example, may use a patient information system, nurse call system, code blue system, telemetry system, physiological monitoring system, and various life safety systems. Accommodating these systems in the often minimal space allocated for them requires a creative, hands-on approach. Our solutions ensure that these systems work in the space available, while providing ample flexibility for rapid technological progress.