From the big picture to the little details.

Our plumbing systems are designed to last.

Cammisa¬†+ Wipf’s expertise encompasses every aspect of plumbing system design. Key to our approach is understanding the impact that proposed plumbing systems have on other systems, building operations, and spatial constraints. Our designs proactively address potential installation and disruption issues before construction begins. We review the impacts of shutdowns and tie-ins with appropriate stakeholders. This big-picture approach allows us to design cost-effective installations with minimal impact to users.

Effective coordination and collaboration is essential to a successful project. Our solutions work in harmony with our client’s vision for the space, programmatic needs, and budget.

Our plumbing designs reinforce the LEED sustainability goals of the project, utilizing fixture sharing strategies, ultra-low flow and waterless fixtures, and reclaimed water systems.

Piping and Plumbing projects include: