San Francisco State University Campus Master Plan and Utility Master Plan

Project Description

As part of its strategic vision to become “the nation’s preeminent public urban university,” San Francisco State University completed a campus master plan that establishes a long-term vision for the physical environment and identifies improvements to occur through 2020. Improvements focus on how to accommodate increased enrollment and academic initiatives, and ways to best serve the many constituents from students, faculty and staff to alumni, friends and neighbors who contribute to the University’s success

Cammisa + Wipf participated in this master plan by developing a strategic infrastructure plan including a Utility Master Plan (UMP) for the campus electrical systems and site lighting. Analysis involved a detailed review of the campus utility systems with regard to current condition, future capacity demands, and renewal needs. Specifications included UMP scope, street and site lighting, central heating system, fire protection water, domestic hot water, domestic cold water, central chilled water system, electrical distribution and capacity evaluation, irrigation systems, and cogeneration.

Project Details


San Francisco State University



Campus Master Plan Architect:

WRT Soloman

Utility Master Plan Lead Engineer:

Salas O’Brien

Concept Artwork:

Salas O’Brien